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Warranties for Truck Parts Near You

When you find yourself looking for quality truck parts, there are certain basics that you should not overlook when dealing with your supplier. One of them - perhaps the most important - is the warranty that covers the parts you are acquiring.

Diesel Surplus is one of the most reliable providers of warranties for truck parts in your area. When you come to us to have your truck parts serviced, you will receive offers from our network of dealers with the most competitive prices and warranties. Our nationwide network of salvage yards, auto recyclers, and junkyards carries an extensive inventory of used parts – both domestic and foreign.

Warranties for Truck Parts

Why Do We Provide a Warranty?

A few years ago, a used engine or a rearview mirror could have associated a warranty of up to 30 days, which used to be sufficient. There was less choice for both businesses and consumers to buy good used parts, so there was no competition that would generate better offers (for example, extended warranties) in those times.

Fortunately, to date, there is much more competition in the world of automotive and this has led to a search for differential aspects and a substantial increase in offers for potential buyers. This is undoubtedly excellent news for buyers of used or new truck parts. Today, consumers are not only getting more profit for their money but also access to extended guarantees resulting from this healthy competition in the automotive sector.

To stay ahead in this competition, Diesel Surplus makes sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to selling automobiles, parts, or concerning service in the industry.

Why Choose Diesel Surplus for Truck Parts & Warranties?

Diesel Surplus prides itself in removing the hassle and doubts of online heavy truck parts shopping by providing you with a variety of options. We are the largest semi-truck parts supplier based in the Dallas & Fort Worth area. We have a nationwide operation to cater to the needs of customers at every corner of the country. Contact us today or call us at 469-382-3638 to get your required truck components with the easiest & fastest shopping procedure.

  • Specialist in all the major brands
  • Competitive pricing
  • Warranty on all parts and work
  • Large inventory of replacement parts and engines
  • New & rebuilt options available