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Used Truck Parts for Sale Near You

Diesel trucks are essential for most businesses, but they can be expensive to maintain. Replacement parts are an inevitable need to keep your fleet of vehicles rolling but they often come at an inflated price. Fortunately, the proven professionals from Diesel Surplus offer a wide array of used truck parts to business owners in your local area and across the country. 

Because of our nationwide network of parts suppliers, Diesel Surplus is one of the largest used truck parts sellers available in the country. We sell Ford parts, Toyota parts, Dodge parts, Chevrolet parts, and lots of other used diesel engine truck parts from a wide range of manufactures. Best of all, we have a location in your area to meet your needs and get your trucks back up and rolling ASAP.

When you submit your used truck part request, you will receive offers from our network of dealers with the most competitive prices. Our nationwide network of salvage yards and auto recyclers carry an extensive inventory of used parts for both domestic and foreign-made vehicles.

Used Truck Parts for Sale

Why Choose Diesel Surplus for Your Used Truck Parts?

Diesel Surplus prides itself on removing the hassle and doubts of online diesel truck parts shopping by providing you with a variety of options. We are the largest semi-truck parts supplier based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. We also have a nationwide operation, allowing us to serve the needs of customers throughout the USA. For more information, call us at 469-382-3638 or click here to check out our online inventory for the easiest & fastest shopping option available.