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Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

Look no farther than Diesel Surplus when you wish to purchase a rebuilt transmission in your local area. Our nationwide network of parts suppliers has a wide array of rebuilt transmissions for trucks and automobiles available online. These transmissions will get your fleet vehicle back on the road ASAP for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new transmission.

For years, we have supplied new and rebuilt diesel engines & transmissions for heavy-duty trucks, construction machines, and agricultural & industrial machinery to customers throughout the USA. We provide parts and services for all types of diesel engines, including:

rebuilt diesel engines & transmissions

Reliable Rebuilt Diesel Truck Engines

At Diesel Surplus, we understand that brand-new replacement parts are a major expense for your company. That is why we recommend you buy a rebuilt truck engine when you need a replacement. With our nationwide list of suppliers, Diesel Surplus should be on top of your list of rebuilt truck engine sellers in your local area.

When you choose Diesel Surplus for your online heavy-duty truck shopping, rest assured that we will provide you with the best services to make sure a healthy, long-term relationship. We believe in the policy of creating satisfied customers with our superior products and services that we provide for them.

Rebuilt Diesel Truck Engines with Reliable Services

Why Choose Diesel Surplus for Your Rebuilt Transmission?

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth but having outlets around the country, Diesel Surplus is the largest semi-truck parts supplier in your local area. We remove the doubts of online shopping for diesel truck parts with our wide variety of options. With our nationwide network, we cater to the needs of customers in all 50 states -- including yours! Click here today to explore our online inventory or call us at 469-382-3638 for more information.