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Isuzu Engines for Sale in Your Area

Isuzu is one of the biggest truck engine manufacturers Diesel Surplus is associated with. Both in terms of quality and quantity, Isuzu aims to become the world's number one manufacturer of diesel engines by pioneering the development of clean, fuel-efficient engines.

At Diesel, we have truck part catalogs are the most detailed, fully illustrated, and provides you accurate information with sources available. We supply both brand new and rebuilt diesel engines for heavy-duty trucks, construction machines, and agricultural & industrial machinery.

Types of Isuzu Engines for Sale at Diesel’s

The current lineup of Isuzu engines boasts a wide range of models in which the company's technological edge has been crystallized. Among these engines, the latest automotive models in particular reflect the trends of today's market demands.

Isuzu Engines

Current Inventory of Isuzu Engines

Diesel Surplus sells the following Isuzu engines, among others:

Isuzu 4HK1 Series

1. Isuzu 4HK1 Series

  • 2012 Isuzu 4HK1TC : 210 HP
  • 2010 Isuzu 4HK1TC : 210 HP
  • 2006 Isuzu 4HK1TC : 190 HP
  • 2005 Isuzu 4HK1TC : 235 HP
Isuzu 6HK1 Series

2. Isuzu 6HK1 Series

  • 2007 Isuzu 6HK1X DPF : 260 HP
  • 2003 Isuzu 6HKIX : 275 HP
  • 2005 Isuzu 6HKIX : 235 HP
Isuzu 4HE1 Series

3. Isuzu 4HE1 Series

  • 2003 Isuzu 4HE1 : 175 HP
  • 2002 Isuzu 4HE1XS : 210 HP

Standard Specifications of Isuzu H Series Engines

Although the specifications for these engines may vary from country to country depending on the regulatory systems, the followings are the standard specifications of Isuzu’s H series engines:

  • Displacement: 5.2L or 7.8 L
  • Turbocharged or turbocharged charge air-cooled
  • Peak torque: 854 LB/FT @ 1500 RPM
  • Fuel consumption: .342 LB/HP-HR
  • Flywheel housing: SAE 2
  • Electric self-priming fuel lift pump
  • 12V or 24V electronics
  • Glow plug starting aid
  • High angularity oil pan
  • 500-hour service intervals
  • 5-year / 5,000-hour limited warranty
Isuzu Engines H Series

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