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Since the starting of your business operation in the truck engine industry, we have achieved a lot to make ourselves proud. Being associated with Caterpillar or CAT to sell the semi-truck engines has been one of the most remarkable achievements in Diesel’s journey.

Types of CAT Engines Available at Diesel’s

Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives. Its inline-6 Diesel powerhouse is used primarily in Class 8 vehicles and a range of industrial applications from agricultural, material handling, construction, and mining to aircraft ground support. The CAT truck engines deliver performance, power, and durability to take on large powerful challenges.

CAT Engines

Current Inventory of CAT Engines Available

At Diesel Surplus, you can find the following CAT engines, among others:


1. CAT C15

  • POWER 475 – 595 HP
  • TORQUE 1550 – 2050 LB-FT

General Specifications of CAT Engines

  • Displacement is 15.2 liters, or 928 cubic inches
  • Turbocharged Aftercooled (TA) aspiration
  • Total engine weight ~3,090 pounds with a hauling capacity of up to 80,000 pounds
  • MEUI injection system that uses 2 turbochargers
  • U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions
  • Rated speed 1800-2100 rpm
  • Direct injection combustion system
  • Advanced Electronics and Effective Aftertreatment (ACERT) technology that improves fuel economy, ensures powerful performance, and reduces emissions
  • ADEM A4 electronics system
  • Emissions - China Nonroad III, U.S. EPA Tier 3 Equivalent, EU Stage IIIA Equivalent
Caterpillar C13 ACERT

2. Caterpillar C13 ACERT

  • POWER 380 - 430 HP


  • Inline 6-cylinder industrial Diesel internal combustion engine with powerful flexibility for heavy equipment needs
  • Clean Gas Induction (CGI) offers better fuel economy and durability by utilizing and recycling clean, cool air.
  • Sequential twin turbocharger
  • 2610 pound engine weight
  • Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim, EU State IIIB emission requirements
  • Electronic (ACERT) management with mechanical failsafe
  • Turbocharged air to air after-cooled (ATAAC) air inlet system
  • Cold mode start strategy and automatic altitude compensation
  • Class 8 vehicle usage capability
  • Expected B50 life of 1 million miles with recommended maintenance
Caterpillar C13

3. Caterpillar C13

  • POWER 520 HP


  • The C13 boasts a displacement of 12.5L and an overall weight of 2,610lbs.
  • Bore and stroke of 5.12 and 6.18 inches for each of its six in-line cylinders.
  • Holds a diesel particulate filter that uses a self-regeneration system to automatically burn off collected soot in the engine, and for capturing soot particles.
  • Horsepower range, depending on installation and application, can range from as little as 350hp and boasts as much as 525hp when running at 2,100 rpm. This covers
  • Applications such as buses or vocational trucks while lending power to the recreational and fire vehicles as well.
  • With a lower torque end of power generating 1,150 foot-pounds and the higher end at 1,750 foot-pounds, this engine produces its max torque at a lower speed of 1,200 rpm.
Caterpillar C12

4. Caterpillar C12

  • POWER 340-490 HP
  • MAX TORQUE 1650 LB-FT AT 1,200 RPM


  • The 732 cubic-inch Cat 12 is an air-to-air cooled diesel 12-valve engine with a cylinder bore of 5.1 inches in diameter and a piston stroke of 5.9 inches in length.
  • The Cat C12 rpm range is between 1,200 and 2,100 rpm with a redline level at 2,100 rpm with a governor that is programmed to shut off the engine if 2,100 rpm is passed.
  • With a turbocharged engine and a counterclockwise flywheel rotation of the gears, this engine is both liquid and air-cooled with a coolant capacity of 2.7 gallons.
  • Electrical backup system for battery and an extensive self-diagnostic system makes this engine easy to maintain on the road.
  • Contains an ADEM III control system with more control outputs and inputs, allowing the capacity for additional features such as monitoring capabilities and room for expansion.

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